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Yoga & Stretch Classes In Greensboro, GA

Try Our Yoga, Stretch, Meditation and Breathwork Classes

Variety of Wellness Classes

Our mind, body, sprit program is a dynamic and rejuvenating experience.  Our yoga, stretch, breathwork and mobility classes are designed to improve flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and enhance overall mobility. Whether you're looking to enhance performance, seek relief from daily stiffness, or someone aiming to increase body awareness, our program is the perfect solution for you.

Our certified instructors will guide you through a series of poses and exercises tailored to your specific needs and fitness level. With their expertise, you'll receive personalized attention and learn proper techniques to maximize the benefits of each stretch.

The Well offers the areas only hot yoga and hot Pilates classes.  Hot yoga is a form of yoga practiced in a heated room, typically around 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat helps to increase flexibility, promote detoxification through sweating, and intensify the physical and mental benefits of the practice. Our experienced instructors guide engage participants in various yoga poses and breathing exercises.

Stretching not only benefits your body but also your mind. The deep, controlled stretches in our classes help alleviate stress and tension, promoting relaxation and mental clarity. It's a great way to unwind and decompress from daily pressures.

Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles, improving circulation, and promoting better nutrient delivery to your cells. This can lead to quicker muscle recovery and reduced muscle soreness.

Our classes include Hatha, Vinyasa, Soulful Stretch, Meditation, Breathwork, and more.   Sign up today.

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Bring your friends, make new friends as you sweat out stress, bad decisions, and toxins. And renew a sense of well!

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Conveniently Located at Reynolds Lake Oconee Greensboro Georgia Highway 44 South of Interstate 20

The Well is located and easily accessible from all of Greensboro, Athens, Madison, Eatonton and surrounding areas.

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1000 Cowles Clinic Way, Suite D-100, Greensboro, Georgia 30642
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WELL is not just a destination, it's a way of life.

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