Missy Radcliffe

Missy Radcliffe

Yoga Instructor

Missy has completed the Y6 Intensive and is a certified 200-hour Baptiste Yoga Instructor. She began her practice and training over 17 years ago and has continued throughout the years accumulating more than 500 hours. She has completed JIP Levels I, II, III, Apprenticeship Program, Art of Assisting/Advanced Art of Assisting with Baron Baptiste. Missy is AFFA group instructor-certified. She has traveled with Seane Corn to Nicaragua and India for additional yoga service experience.


Missy is a facilitator trained in The Embody Love Movement, produced by Dr. Melody Moore. This program is a non-profit solution for building tools and coping skills for young women. Its sole purpose is to create a community where these young women accept, embrace, and love themselves and their purpose in the world.

About Coach

Missy’s energetic classes will challenge students both physically and mentally, awakening their potential. She encourages students to look within themselves and find awareness and strength in their practice to take off the mat into their daily lives.

When not on the yoga mat, Missy can be found spending time with her five children, family, and friends. She continues to pursue travel and life experiences as a student first.

Turning Point

Missy is dedicated to wellness and believes the joy is in the journey.  She owned her own yoga studio and is committed to sharing her practice at Lake Oconee.

Motivation & Passion

Missy is motivated by the joy her husband and five children bring to her.