Tiffany Bush

Tiffany Bush

Yoga Instructor


Tiffany is certified with over 500 hours in yoga training.  Her advanced focus on strength and power poses caters to athletes.

About Coach

Tiffany is here to inspire, motivate and remind you of your power! She radiates a warmhearted, approachable vibe of "I see you, I get you, I feel your pain, and yes, you can heal." Her yoga classes encourage passionate connection to the breath and the body through Vinyasa (flowing with the breath) and Hatha (holding and breathing in poses) styles of yoga. These encourage both strength and flexibility with a focus on anatomy and alignment. Tiffany creatively weaves in breath work and intention-setting to create flows that leave you feeling energized, balanced, refreshed, renewed and whole.

Turning Point

Tiffany believes in helping others help themselves. Tiffany is on a mission to bring love, courage, compassion, and yoga to everyone! Wherever she is, Tiffany aims to reawaken people's hearts and remind everyone that they are not alone. A Social Services Professional, serving youth with trauma, addiction and behavioral health issues by day; she knows the value of yoga to bring the patience, love, strength and flexibility needed to balance this fast-paced life that requires self-love and self-care as the pillar!

Motivation & Passion

Tiffany is a Yoga Teacher, Philanthropist, Financial Services Agent, Healer, Speaker, Writer, and Workshop Leader based out of Lake Oconee in Georgia; she teaches Corporate yoga, privately, with organizations like Boys and Girls Club and Safe Homes.